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I am Elle

Over a decade in IT, now diving into development with a passion for backend. Merging legacy skills with fresh knowledge, eager for collaboration and growth

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Showcasing my backend development voyage through two standout projects

Open to work

Auto Cart

Web App

Simplify your online recipe experience! Input recipes and let Auto-Cart generate a grocery list. Choose to populate your Kroger cart directly or get the list emailed. Features user authentication, recipe storage, and seamless Kroger integration.

  • User Management : Secure signup/login processes, with features to update or delete accounts.
  • Kroger API Integration : Seamlessly fetches product data and populates carts with user-selected items, also utilizes OAuth2 for user authentication.
  • Dynamic Data Handling : Efficiently manages recipe ingredients using SQLAlchemy and transforms them into actionable grocery lists.
  • Robust Error Handling : Ensures stable user experience with graceful error handling during database interactions and API calls.
  • Context Processing : Provides dynamic user context for enriched user experiences on every page.
  • Tech Stack : Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap | Backend: Python, Flask | Database: PostgreSQL | Hosting: Heroku | APIs: Kroger APIs (Auth, Product, Cart, Location, Profile)
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Web App

Join the Warbler community! A Twitter-inspired platform where you can register, manage profiles, post messages, and engage with other users by following and liking. Warbler offers a secure and interactive space, reminiscent of Twitter, with a fresh twist.

  • User Experience: Smooth user registration, profile management, and the ability to post, like, and follow messages in real-time.
  • Backend Operations: Employs SQLAlchemy for efficient data handling with a PostgreSQL database, ensuring rapid and seamless message posts and retrievals.
  • Password Security: Utilizes bcrypt for hashing passwords, ensuring user data remains confidential and secure.
  • User Authorization: Well-integrated user authentication and authorization mechanisms to protect user data and interactions.
  • Enhanced Usability: Custom error handling and caching strategies are employed to optimize the platform's performance and provide an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Tech Stack: Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap | Backend: Python, Flask | Database: PostgreSQL | Hosting: Python Anywhere.
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Elle White

Role Backend Developer
Expeerience 13 years IT, transitioning to development
Technologies HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, Node, postGRESQL, AWS, Linux
Currently Learning Node & React
Strengths Empathy, Strong Communication, Analytical & Practical Approach
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